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Microfiber Towel

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Twist Microfiber Towel

With extra long twist piles on one side and flat another

Specially designed for drying, therefore mostly they show up in big size that is applied for drying a whole car.

twist microfiber towel 4.jpg
twist microfiber towel 2.jpg
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Coral Fleece Microfiber Towel

With extra plush and soft piles

High end multi-purpose microfiber towel. Widely used in clean, dry, polish, shine, wipe, dusting, wax removing

coral fleece microfiber towel 2.jpg
coral fleece microfiber towel 3.jpg
coral fleece microfiber towel 4.jpg
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Waffle Microfiber Towel

With waffle check on both sides

Featured outstanding water absorbing and lint free. 40x40cm is the often used size applied to clean and polish windows, mirror, shining metal and chrome parts; Big size towel is suitable for drying the whole car.

waffle microfiber towel 4_edited.jpg
waffle microfiber towel 6_edited.jpg
waffle microfiber towel 2.jpg
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Long & Short Naps Microfiber Towel

With higher piles on one side and lower another

Multi-purpose microfiber towel, super water absorbing and cleaning capability. Apply long pile side to dry liquid, and use short pile side to remove wax and compunds. Cleaning dust and grime with long pile wiping in one direction; Cleaning window and mirror with short pile side.

long short naps microfiber towel 5.jpg
long short naps microfiber towel 4.jpg
long short naps microfiber towel 6_edited.jpg
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Flat Naps Microfiber Towel

With same height piles on both sides

Multi-purpose Microfiber Towel. Widely used in clean, dry, polish, shine, wipe, dusting.

flat microfiber towel 2.jpg
flat microfiber towel 4.jpg
flat microfiber towel 3.jpg
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Big Pearl Microfiber Towel

Specialized for coating & waxing

Featured lint free for its flat, tight, and neat naps, great for applying and removing sealant and wax. Also good for normal use of clean, dry, and polish.

pearl microfiber towel 4_edited.jpg
pearl microfiber towel 6_edited_edited.jpg
pearl microfiber towel 3_edited.jpg
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Polar Fleece Microfiber Towel

100% lint-free for its none-naps weaving structure

Small size (e.g. 6"x6") polar fleece is ideally competent for coating. With bigger size (e.g. 16"x16"), you are rest assured for scratch free cleaning of LCD/LED screen, dashboard, window, mirror, shiny metal and chrome parts.

suede detailing 1_edited.jpg
polar fleece_edited.jpg
suede detailing 2_edited.jpg
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Fish Scale Microfiber Towel

The most professional glass cleaning cloth

Lint free & Streak free for cleaning windows, mirror, screen, dashboard, shiny metal and chrome parts.

scarly glass towel 4_edited.jpg
scarly glass towel 3.jpg
scarly glass towel 2.jpg
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